Another late night sketch, this time of Hakim. Maybe I’ll finish it.

I have a new idea for creating my traditional pencil art. Sketch out your idea on the computer first and then when you’re happy with it, transfer it onto paper. I may do that with this one here. The only drawback for this technique though is that you have to make sure your drawings don’t look too cartoonish. This one doesn’t look completely realistic, but I can always change that later. 

I’ve decided to change the background a bit from the previous version, I think I like it more. Still lots of work to be done on it! Although I am enjoying the process.

I had the sudden urge to draw Hakim as a pup. I imagine him having abnormally large ears in which he eventually grows into when he’s older. 

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Character design and drawing are tome-sized topics and even if I had all the answers (I don’t - I have a lot to learn), I’m not sure I could communicate them effectively. I’ve gathered some thoughts and ideas here, though, in case they’re helpful.

First, some…

Die Legend um Rajou

Recently I’ve been working as an illustrator for a German publishing company (Verlag 3.0) on a book called: Die Legend Um Rajou - Wolfsmelody (The Legend of Rajou - Wolf Melody) by Lisa Dröttboom.

I’ve done the front cover of the book and I will be doing more in the future, as it is going to be a long series.
For those of you who like wolves and/or werewolves, you should check it out! 

I’ll send another update if it ever gets translated into english. 

Here is a description of the book: 

Die alt ehernen Gesetze der Unterwelt verbieten unter anderem die Liebe zu einem Menschen. Jeder, der gegen sie verstößt, wird grausam bestraft!
Doch dann rettet der Wolfswandler Rajou die menschliche Kala vor den ‘Verdorbenen’ und kann sich ihrer Anziehungskraft nicht lange entziehen. Der einsame und zurückgezogene Wolf entbrennt für die hübsche Menschenfrau und beginnt die Gesetze der Unterwelt zu hinterfragen.
Fieberhaft sucht er nach einem Ausweg, der ihm seine Liebe zu Kala doch noch gestattet. Doch die Zeit eilt, denn der König der Wölfe ist bereits auf dem Weg, und er bleibt nicht die einzige Gefahr …
Kann Rajou noch einen Ausweg finden oder wird er der Erste sein, der die Revolution gegen die alten Gesetze anführt und für seine Liebe die Regeln bricht?

Rough English Translation: 
The old iron laws of the underworld prohibit any to love a human. Anyone who breaks this law will be severely punished!
But when the wolf shape shifter Rajou saves a human girl named Kala from a ‘Rotten one’, he remains unable to escape her appeal for long. The reclusive and lonely wolf becomes inflamed with passion for the pretty girl. Rajou begins to question the laws of the underworld for prohibiting the love between humans and non-humans.
He starts searching frantically for a shift that allows his love to be permitted to Kala. But time is short, for the king of the wolves is coming to town and he alone does not remain the only danger out there… Is Rajou able to find a shift or will he be the one to ignite a revolution against the old laws, breaking the rules for love?

(Translate provided by the author and edited by me. It’s not perfect, but at least you get the basics of it.)

But yes! If you can read German and you’re interested you can pre-order now!

If you can’t read German, you should at least “Like” it on Facebook:

I haven’t had this much fun with a painting in a long time. Can’t wait to work on it again tomorrow! 

My new little project. My colouring is getting better. :)


Top 5 - disney scenery → 1. Brother Bear

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Doing a bit of a raven study since I’d like to start developing another character of mine whom I’m probably going to name Yéil. He is a white raven. Not to be confused with an albino raven, hence the blue eyes as opposed to pink eyes.